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Minor's Sauteed Vegetable Base, Instant Vegetable Stock and Base, Mirepoix, Gluten-Free, 16 oz


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Product info:

• Is Adult Product No
• Release Date March 19, 2014
• Size 1 Pound (Pack of 1)
• Number Of Items 1

Product features

Minor’s Vegetable Base Mirepoix is a savory blend of carrots, onions, and celery sautéed to perfection. It’s ideal for vegetarian and plant-based cooking, as well as for use in traditional recipes. Minor’s Sautéed Vegetable Base Mirepoix delivers consistent flavor to all your favorite recipes like soups, sauces, stews, and entrees.

Gluten Free. No preservatives and no artificial flavors.

Makes quick, delicious soups. Adds zest to pasta dishes and tuna salads. Mixes perfectly in potato salads and whipped, baked & au gratin potatoes. Add to pureed and mixed vegetables. Mix into spinach dip for a boost in flavor and serve with crudites.

To make an instant, fully seasoned broth, add Base to water, stirring well. To enhance scratch cooking, use the base as a sautéed vegetable seasoning. 3/4 tsp. base + 1 cup water or 1 Tbsp. base + 1 quart water or 1 lb. base (1 container) + 5 gallons water.

*No Added MSG other than that which is naturally occurring in the yeast extract.

Ready to eat. Made in a zero landfill production kitchen.

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