how do electric skateboards work - some information

how do electric skateboards work - some information

how do electric skateboards work


E-skateboards are currently the new wave taking off in the world because it’s both great for commuting and fun for adults as well as teens. But not all new users are clear about its working principles. Of course, the misunderstanding about how your e board works will lead to the injury. Thus, our article today will answer the common question “how do electric skateboards work?” and some essential knowledge about using this means of transportation. Hopefully, this article will help you to enjoy the safe and amazing skateboarding experience.


Early incarnations of electric skateboards are motorboards which were exceptionally different from modern e-skate. The electric skateboards for today’s usage were motorized as wireless, quiet and more efficient.

The father of this electric skateboard is Louie Finkle, better known as Electric Louie. One interesting thing about the history of e-board is that it is just like a story. At that time, he was at a hobby store because he wanted to buy a motor. So he has a motor and a wireless controller.

He has a friend who created the longboards, so he combined the two ideas. Louie said that this amazing foundation was where the battery, cordless and motor-powered skateboard concept comes from. Therefore, electric skateboards were invented right later.

How do Electric Skateboards work?

While these electric skateboards are fast enough to get the maximum thrills when you ride on them, you also have to be careful when skateboarding because of these fast machines. For the most enjoyable experience, you should first know “how do electric skateboards work?”.

All electric skateboards have remote control and you will activate the electric motor on it. This controller transmits the data to the electronic speed  via electromagnetic waves. The Electronic Speed ​​Controller (ESC) acts as a central controlling unit, resulting in the skateboard moving forward. While rotating the skateboard, you must lean toward the direction in which you intend to rotate the skateboard. That’s exactly how electric boards work.

Below you will be presented the different parts of the electric skateboard to help you know the importance of each line. This  will also give you valuable knowledge on how you can repair or maintain your electric skateboard, which you should pay attention to.

Design and operation

Basic components


Certainly, this is the first part that you care about when choosing a skateboard. Normally, the board surface will be decorated with various patterns and colors. Through these decorative details,  your personality will be revealed, showing your own way.

The most popular materials to make the deck are pine or Canadian wood. A normal deck will consist of a lot of thin layers of wood, usually from 5 to 8 layers, pressed together. If there are a few layers of wood, the board will not be stiff and brittle enough. On the contrary, the deck which is too thick and heavy will be difficult for players to move.

Each different type of skateboard will have different width and length of deck. Accordingly, the curvature of the skateboard will also be different. Depending on your needs and foot size then you can choose the right deck.


If the deck is for your feet to put on, then the truck is to connect the board to the wheels so the skateboard can run. This is a very important part and requires proper design and installation.

The truck is made of hard and strong alloy which has good withstanding capacity. Besides, the truck is also made from aluminum, titanium or even from gold and carbon. These are all lightweight but very durable alloys, which is good for players to use the skateboard easier and longer. Overall, Thanks to the components on these trucks, you can easily control the skateboard to change direction as you want.


The wheels are the part that helps the skateboard run. In three groups of wheels including small wheels, normal wheels and big wheels, the small wheels will help you to perform the trick more easily. If you use your skateboard to travel under the road as a vehicle, it is best to choose large wheels because of its good withstanding capacity and high speed. In addition, depending on the hardness of the wheels, they are divided into three groups: Soft, Hard and Med.

An electric skateboard will be fitted with 4 wheels at 2 trucks. If you want to replace the wheel then the selected wheel is the same type, same size. These wheels are made from hard, durable rubber, providing you with stable performance.

Ball bearings

Ball bearings are usually included in the wheels, allowing the wheels to move more smoothly. Each wheel of the skateboard will have two such ball bearings, and a total of a complete skateboard will have 8 bearings. Each ball bearing will contain small, round marbles. They are made from steel or titanium. There are high-quality ceramic marbles – a very good and expensive material.

Grip tape

Griptape is an extra part of the electric skateboard, used to spread over the surface of the skateboard to increase grip, helping you to perform tricks more easily.

Mechanical components

There are two main types of motors: Motor hub and Belt motor

Hub motor

The engine hub motor is integrated into one wheel. It is lighter, quieter and more durable than a belt motor. However, it is difficult to replace and you must use an existing wheel.

The hub motor is placed directly inside the wheel and produces a substantial amount of warmth . Besides, air can´t go through the motor, so to help the hub motor with cooling, the motor-casing has holes so that air can pass through it. But thanks to these holes, the entire electric motor isn’t very water resistant. We need to take care once we drive on wet areas and will avoid puddles.

Belt engine

It uses a belt to rotate the pulley. It is easier to maintain and its parts are easily replaceable. It gives you the freedom to choose any wheel you want for the board, in the end it produces a lot of torque, better climbing and has a lot of power. However, it’s expensive, noisy, and doesn’t let your surfboard freely roll around.

Electric components


There are 2 main types of e-skate battery namely Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) and Lithium Polymer (LiPo). Of these two types,  Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) is more common  because of its stability. It is mostly used for first time  commuter boards and will perform well for riders of all sizes. As for LiPo batteries, they are pretty fit in almost any enclosure setup. This type of battery is sensitive to puncture, which means that you have to treat them with respect.

All in all, Lithium-Ion (Li-ion), in spite of being more expensive, is  most commonly used. Also, LiPo, although cheaper, has its own incredible advantages.

Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)

Electronic speed controller of E-boardskates  is an electronic circuit that controls and regulates the speed of an electric motor. It can also provide electric skateboard engine reverse and dynamic braking. At the same time, it is also connected to battery, and motor for data processing.

Remote Control

Remote controllers of electric skateboards come with different kinds. Some of which users can manipulate it by using their thumb to push a slidable button for speed increase or to pull it back for breaking. WIth other types of remote control, the trigger can be controlled by pulling your index finger to open the throttle and doing the braking. Thus, with different types of Remote controllers, we have varying ways to manipulate the speed.

Bluetooth transmitter and receiver

An advantage part installed in the electronic skateboard is Bluetooth, which helps transmit wireless data. To support the transport signal and process that data via bluetooth, it is based on RC. The Bluetooth receiver is located inside the controller with a set of wires connecting the motor and battery  to control and input.

Possible additional components


The usage of light in the electric skateboards is to ensure safety while riding. It creates signals for cars and other vehicles to keep away. The light can come with white LED installed front light or red LED installed backlight. Moreover, the lights will show your outstanding style of skateboard.

Nose guard

The nose guard is beneficial for protecting the nose and tail from injury. It comes with normal material of plastic and a variety of shapes and colors.

Extra battery

Many electric skateboard manufacturers offer a removable battery so that users can feel secure when the battery runs out since it can be exchanged by a removable battery after that. It is pretty useful for users who don’t have time to charge the battery fully. What’s more, an extra battery might be great for big trips.

Wheel Guards

Your skateboards can be damaged when ridden in the rain weather, so a mudguard is perfect. This type of wheel guards will have no muddy or wet shoes and pants when riding.

Rain wheels

There are numerous electric skateboard brands offering wheels for riding in the rain. These parts are designed to drive water away from the wheels.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are electric skateboards safe?

Many people are concerned about their safety when riding an electric skateboard because of its fast speed. This is also a common concern of all skateboard users. But there is good news that almost electric skateboards are quite safe as they must be gone through a safety clearance check before being introduced to the market.

Are electric skateboards good for beginners?

Actually, most people, even the maneuvers can ride on the electric skateboards because the skills used for riding an e-skate are not as difficult as it seems. However, there are also some dangers beginners may encounter. So, be certain that you understand “how do electric skateboards work?” and be careful for your first trial.

Can you use an electric skateboard as a regular skateboard?

The answer is yes, electric skateboards can be used as a regular skateboard. Nevertheless, each type has their own distinct using way and you may get injured if you misunderstand these two ways. Besides, the electric skateboards can be also damaged and then exploded because they have hundreds of electric parts. So, in addition to the basic skills as normal skateboards, you should consider carefully the distinct ways of electric skateboards.

How hard is it to ride an electric skateboard?

It can be said that riding an electric skateboard should not be too hard even if you are a beginner. WIth the fast speed of electric skateboards, you should have the practice to get necessary skill for that. So goes without saying how hard riding electric skateboards is , of course, the situation varies from many factors, you should gain a little effort and practice.

Are electric skateboards worth it?

With the advantage of equipping electricity in a skateboard, your riding will be nice relaxing without sweaty  and much effort like normal non-electric skateboards. In fact, the use of electric skateboards is just becoming bigger and bigger.


Be aware of the working principle of your electric skateboard will give you a safe and confident skateboarding performance. So, it is pretty necessary for each user to deeply understand “how do electric skateboards work?”. Above is our detailed description related to the e-skateboard operation, hopefully it will assist you to know the anatomy of e-boards better and have great moments with your new buddy.

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