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The Best Longboard For Pumping - A Useful List!

want to show off your excellent pumping skills to your friends, but fail to find a quality one? Let’s follow our article to find the best longboard for pumping!

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If you are a frequent longboard rider, longboarding pumping is sure to be a household name! This seems to be the most favorite and widely welcomed approach to most longboard riders, as not only is longboarding pumping an appealing form of art, but it also saves riders from continuously making long stretches.

However, choosing a quality longboard with beautiful pumping features is not a piece of pie, so what should you purchase? The solution is in our article on the best longboard for pumping here!


Longboard For Pumping Buying Guide

The most crucial thing you should consider is the board setup, including the deck, trucks, bearings, flex, and wheels to buy a suitable longboard. So how to choose a board based on those criteria? Keep reading the following notes:


The deck is one of the most important parts of a board; the longer the deck is, the wider the turn becomes. Therefore, if you are still green about pumping, it would be better to choose a short deck for practice. On the other hand, if you want to have a trickier and more impressive performance with narrow turns, a longer one would satisfy your desire.


For a new and inexperienced rider, trucks with a higher front turning angle and loose wiring with soft bushing are ideal choices, as they enable you to handle each movement more conveniently and easily.

By contrast, a speed freak is likely to choose a truck with a solid net of connection and harsh bushings, as this truck allows a high-performance ride.


No matter how expensive your bearings are, remember to keep them cleaned and lubed, and they are sure to meet your needs. Friction and dirty bearings will cause you trouble, though.


As higher flex may damage the board, we highly recommend you settle for a fiberglass or bamboo flex to get better balance and control. Moreover, these materials can ensure you an endurable longboard, and be a big help to your pumping.


longboard wheels for rough road

longboard wheels for roughroad

The wheels' size depends on the size of your deck; however, wheels with around 60 mm patches are recommended. Stability is undoubtedly the most crucial factor in pumping; therefore, these 60 mm patches are soft, grippy and provide a wide contact to give you enough balance in each move.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.     What are the differences between longboarding pumping and longboarding carving?

Pumping and carving are two popular alternative riding styles, especially favorite among long-term longboard riders. The main difference between those two styles are their performances and purposes.

On the one hand, the longboarding pumping is employed to propel yourself on a longboard, make swift and smooth shifts from the left to the right to raise the speed and pick up inertia. That’s why riders often take up this riding style on flat surfaces to reduce the need for long stretches.

More interestingly, although pumping is not a new concept in longboarding, it has long been employed by other board sports like ocean surfing, in which riders need a high speed.

By contrast, carving is not such an intensive and propulsion-oriented playing style; thus, it doesn't gain speed. Instead, riders use it to reduce their speed so that they can avoid sudden accidents on dangerous roads.

2.     What should you keep in mind when longboarding pumping?

As pumping can help you pick up speed, there are some precautions and tips that you should know to avoid accidents at such a high speed. First and foremost, if you are a newcomer to longboarding pumping, a loosen truck with a high turning angle is an ideal choice to learn the basics, while you will have to put more effort and skills to ride on rigid trucks.

We highly recommend you to ride on a soft and even area during the first practicing days to reduce the chance of falling, before practicing on a harsher and rougher surface.

Besides, foot movement and body position is key to mastering longboarding pumping; therefore, don't forget to check your posture and make sure you have the right position.

Best Longboard For Pumping - The Final Thought

Long story short, we bet that after flicking through our best longboard for pumping, you have already decided which one is best suited to your skills and demands. Longboarding pumping is such an interesting and skillful sub-type of skating that most longboard riders desire to master.

If you find pushing and making long stretches tiring and laborious, why not give pumping a try? With a high-quality longboard and some practice, you stand a chance of grasping the secrets of pumping and take your friends by surprise through each movement and turn.

Therefore, start practicing longboard pumping and see the wonderful results right now!