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Best Longboard For Kids - Awake Your Children's Sporty Spirit!

Scratching your head over which longboard is the best for your kids? Take a few minutes and come to our best longboard for kids review to find out!

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best longboard for kids - over view

Riding longboards is one of the most well-loved sports with kids of all ages. It not only improves the flexibility, foot strength but also positively contributes to the physical development of your kids.

Be it as it may, choosing an appropriate longboard for children is not a simple task at all, for a standard-sized one might be too big, and a mini-sized might leave no room for the kids to grow into. 

Therefore, we are here to give you some recommended products through our best longboard for kids review. There will also be an all-inclusive buying guide to equip you with some basic knowledge. Now, let’s get started, shall we?

The Best Types Of Longboards For Kids When Starting Out 

Cruising Longboards

Cruising longboards are one of the most demanding longboard types, mainly for the stability and steadiness they provide the skaters on even when a poorly caved terrains.

It can run smoothly and relaxedly on any concrete surfaces, therefore, kids who just started out can ride a pintail to the park or roam around the city street to get familiar with the longboard without having to worry the wheels are going to break or become detached. 

Carving Longboards

Carving longboards are often used to perform a surf-like skating, involving quick and successive S-shape turns. 

Since this kind of technique can likely cause more unexpected accidents, the longboards specifically designed for it include a lot of safety and stability-enhancer features, which is coincidentally perfect for beginning skaters.

Carving longboards are usually equipped with a high-quality and squishy set of bushings for ultimate comfort in long-hour wear, which can reduce many joint stress and foot injuries for beginners.  

best longboard for kids - buying guide

Features To Look For In A Kid’s Longboard 

Deck Materials

The deck material is one of the most important factors in determining the durability and capacity for the longboard. Three substances that the board is usually constructed of are plastic, maple, and bamboo. 

As you can guess, the plastic longboards are the most fragile one and can be easily bent with just some forceful pressure on the surface. Also, plastic decks tend to give little suspension and stability for the feet; therefore, they are not the best option for someone who just started out skating.

On the other hand, hardwood maple and organic bamboo are more superior in terms of longevity, stability and the steadiness they offer you. If you are looking for a longboard to repeatedly endure strong physical contact or perform complicated skating tricks repeatedly, a board made of maple might give you the best performance. 

However, if you are a complete beginner who just got down to the basic feet movement on the deck, then it is highly suggested you stick to a bamboo longboard at first. The reason for that is bamboo boards are much more lightweight and provide more flexibility when riding. 


Because you are searching for a kid’s longboard, it comes as no wonder why the standard criteria might be different from choosing one for grown adults. And size is probably the most essential factor to look into, for a kid can barely perform skating tricks skillfully on a longboard huger than their body. 

Normally, an average longboard for adults will range from 40 feet to 45 feet. For that reason, longboards for kids will have some length reduction to work well with the kid’s body, which only varies from 30 to 40 feet long. 

Another thing to keep in mind is to choose something that still leaves some room for the kid to grow into. By picking the one that is a few feet longer than the actual length you need, your kid will be able to have fun with the longboard for a long time.


The smoothness and stability of the trucks are strongly affected by the quality of the bearings. You can estimate the durability and efficiency of the wheels by measuring the ABEC rating of the wheels.

Typically, the bearing which has a higher ABEC rating will give better performance than the one with low ABEC bearing. Therefore, you should check at these numbers thoroughly before deciding to purchase one

best longboard for kids - FAQs

#1- What are some tips for small children who just started out skating on longboards?

For small children who just started out skating on longboards, it is essential that the parents find them a longboard made from reliable material like maple, bamboo. ALso, it should possess all the necessary foot support features like urethane wheels, high ABEC bearing and aluminum trucks.

#2 - What should I do to ensure safety for my kids when they skate?

To ensure the kids' safety when they skate, besides focusing on the longboards' quality, the parents should equip them with essential safety gear like a multi-sport helmet, elbow pad, wrist guard, and knee pad. 

#3 - Are maple boards better than bamboo boards?

This pair of natural materials is the best materials that you can find on the market for high-quality longboards these days. If you are looking for a lightweight and flexible deck, go with the bamboo boards. But if you want to perform more intricate stuff without worrying about cracking and bending, then a maple board will do the job for you.


best longboard for kids - Conclusion

So our best longboard for kids has eventually drawn to an end. With all the recommended products holding a lot of potential to be your kid’s best buddy in the future, alongside a comprehensive buying guide, hopefully you have gained some new knowledge about this topic.

The decision-making process undoubtedly might be challenging at first, but by sticking to your prioritized criteria and exploring further each product we suggest, you will find the one that works for you soon.

All in all, we wish you luck and remember to stay tuned for our next post!