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best longboard for carving - top 12 model in 2021

Things are still confused to you and what you might need is the list of the best longboard for carving as reviewed by different users. We have done it for you. By collecting customers’ reviews in different groups, pages and platform, here is the list you need to make a better decision:

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There is nothing better and cooler than longboarding in a beautiful day. If you are a new longboarder and are seeking the best longboard for carving, you might find that it is quite difficult. The reason is that you will be bombarded with choices. Let’s take a look at the list of best longboard for carving 2021 and some useful advices to choose the right one for yourself.

Read this before deciding which is your right longboard

Choosing the best longboard for carving is quite a difficult task but you can learn it through some important points as following. Putting these factors into consideration and things will be much easier.

Price and level of skill

As a beginner looking for the best longboard for carving and cruising, you might wonder how much to spend on a longboard. A longboard’s price varies considerably based on different factors. You can get a cheap longboard at the price of about $50 or spend more on a high-quality longboard at the price from $150 to $250. Whichever your choice is, as long as you do not regret your choice, it is fine. However, if you choose a cheap longboard, it can never be the best longboard for carving and may discourage you from longboarding.

The longboard prices depend on different factors, including the longboard brand, longboard riding style, deck construction, trucks upgrade, wheel size upgrade, bearings upgrade.

Normally, you should choose the one that is not lower than $150 if quality and riding experience are what you care about. For a newbie, there is no need to spend more than $250 on the best longboard for carving and cruising if you are not too passionate about this sport already.

The types of rider you are

Of course, if you are a rider who loves freestyle longboarding, there is no need for choosing the one, especially for carving. If you want to ride your longboard like a surfboard with carving turns and gain speed through quick successive turns, carving longboards are best suitable for you.

The shape of the longboard

Concave and camber are details about a longboard deck you should know to make a wise investment. A Concave is the shape of a longboard by its width and the other is the shape of a longboard by its length. The best longboard for carving should have a pretty deep concave and high camber (camber is like a spring, pushing you where you want to go.

The flex of the longboard

If you want a lively and energetic response to your carving impulses as well as weight shifts when carving, you need the best longboard for carving with some flex. The amount of flex should be decided based on how fast you wish to go. Higher speed requires more stability and less flex, which is suitable for riders seeking more direct response when leaning and shifting.

When choosing the best longboard for carving by considering the amount of flex, remember that your weight plays a role in this: on the same longboard, a lighter longboarder will feel the flex and thus responsiveness less than a heavier one.

Considering flex in carving, the best longboard for carving is often made using hybrid materials, for instance, the mix of bamboo(for flex characteristics) and fiberglass (for more resistance and stiffness).


What gear you need

Longboard gears are necessary to ensure safety while longboarding. The accessories needed for safe longboard riding are similar to those in skateboard, including helmets, pads and gloves. We will discuss more helmets – the foundation of protective gear while riding a longboard. A helmet would be useless if you choose the wrong size, so measure helmet size before buying. There are different helmet styles to choose from, but full cut helmets are highly recommended for added protection. Add to that, you should seek a helmet from a certified provider to ensure safety.

Deck style

For more dynamic carving, here are some deck styles you should consider when choosing your ideal longboard:

  • Pintail – pushing maybe a bit harder but making comfortable and easy riding on the boardwalk
  • Cruiser – more compact shape, perfectly suitable for crowded city cruising
  • Drop-through – lower to the ground, easier to push, offer more stability for cruising but with a larger turning radius
  • Drop down – the deck is lower, the board is more stable and easier to push but less responsive for turning.

Type of mount

The best longboard for carving should have a length of 32” to 42”. This is the suitable length because a deck and wheel that are too small cannot provide needed momentum from your impulse while too large ones may be slower to push into turns. Among all of the mount, top-mount decks are highly recommended for carving because they offer the most leverage over the trucks; leaving the longboard more responsive in turns.

Drop-though longboards are also great for carving since they are more stable at speed yet not as fast turning as top mounts. Therefore, these longboards are agreed by most newbies to be the best longboard for carving and cruising.

Truck style

Advice to choose the right longboard for carving is that “more space for bigger wheels, more turning”; thus, you should consider reverse kingpin trucks for more exciting experiences in carving. If you wish for more intensive carving, surf skate trucks are a good idea for letting you carve like on a surfboard.


What are the differences between longboard carving and longboard pumping?

May longboarding riders cannot differentiate pumping from carving. Pumping is quite similar to carving, expect that pumping is more intensive and propulsion-oriented. Carving is more about speed decrease while pumping is more about speed increases.

What is the meaning of wheel hardness?

Hardness is how hard or soft the wheels of a longboard are.  Softer wheels give more grip, which is suitable for street skating. However, soft wheels are often slower than harder wheels.

The hardness of a longboard is measured using Durometer A Scale, with a 100-point scale with 100A being the hardest. Normally, the longboard’s hardness is about 70A to 80A.

How often should I change the wheels on my longboard?

It depends on the frequency of usage and the quality of the wheels themselves. For a normal longboard, you can change the wheels every 3 months.

Can I replace the grip tapes comings with the longboards?

Yes, you can do it using a hairdryer. After a period of use, the grip tape will wear out as a consequence of friction between its surface and your shoes. This process may slowly but surely it will happen.  You can use a hairdryer to remove grip tapes because the grip tape will easily peel off under hot air.

To keep the grip tape in good condition, make sure your shoes are free of dirt and grime before skating. Avoid the situation of reducing resistance and friction. If your grip tape is dirty, get a conventional shoe or cleaning brush to clean the board.

What is better for carving? Longboard or skateboard?

A longboard is definitely a better decision when it comes to carving. Longboards are preferred by riders who want to enjoy a more stable riding experience, cruising with friends, bombing hills, carving, riding the board to the beach, or riding around the town.

In Sum

We have looked at the knowledge needed to choose the best longboard for carving, some of the best ones you can consider and frequently asked questions. Hope the information we have provided in the article helps you make a wiser decision and enjoy excellent longboarding experiences.

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