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Best Electric Skateboard For Adults of August 2022

If you want to pick the best electric skateboard for adults, Here comes a list of 23 products – designed for you.

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The skateboard is more than just a means of transport, you can also use it to express yourself, and show off tricks. To make skateboarding more fun, it's great for you to invest in an electric skateboard instead of the normal one. Equipped with an electric motor and rechargeable battery, electric skateboard brings adults experience of higher speed, and riding excitement. Moreover, electric skateboards are introduced with many different styles, giving you a variety of choices. In today's article, we will suggest some of the most popular models on the market, and things to keep in mind for choosing the best electric skateboard for adults.

Buying Guide

Buying the best electric skateboard for adults is not too difficult. However, if you do not consider it carefully, you will have many problems during using time, and it can be dangerous. Here are the main criteria that you need to look at for your right shopping:


Criteria 1. Battery and motor performance

The battery power and motor are among the most important parts in an electric skateboard. Remember to carefully consider these characteristics when selecting your new buddy. Let's raise some questions before deciding: Which speed is best for your needs? How will you use your skateboard, and how far do you need to go? You should find an electric skateboard with a long battery lifespan, and a motor with enough capacity to meet your needs.


Criteria 2. Appropriate Size

It is essential to consider the size of the electric skateboard. The dimension is almost dependent on your height and foot size. If you are taller and have a bulky physique, you may need more space on the board.


Criteria 3. Weight

Are you personally traveling from one place to another without rest? It can be easy to say that you may have a work routine where you have to carry your skateboard a lot. Perhaps, your electric skateboard is the only means of transportation that will get you into the city and catch a train or bus.


This is where weight and portability come in and demand some insights. It should fit into your lifestyle; otherwise, you will get stuck. Not necessarily that a large skateboard will be heavier. You will find some great recommendations below, of which the skis are quite large and extremely light.


Also, take a closer look at the design and find out how easy or difficult the manufacturer is in servicing and portability for the user. Remember don't make the mistake of buying an extremely heavy, 11kg and 41 inch board that is difficult to carry around all day. The ideal board weight and deck length, perfect for maneuverability and maneuverability is 7kg and 27 inches. However, you should decide why you need the board and how you will use it throughout the day.


Criteria 4. Material

The quality trend continues here, but instead of looking at the battery or wheel, we recommend looking for a board with top quality components and textures. Low cost electric skateboards are typically steel components, made from weak wood, and small motors not built for harsh outdoor operation.


Instead, look for a plank made of laminated bamboo or hardwood, and a motor designed specifically for electric skateboarding. Some of the most attractive boards currently in store come from brands where in-house engineers design each part of the skateboard from scratch.

In addition, the waterproof feature is also important. Certainly the rain can be unpredictable. So if you plan to ride electric skateboards over long distances or even if not, you should consider buying at least a waterproof one. Make sure your new buddy comes with an airtight box with accessories inside.


In fact, It is impossible to expect a fully waterproof electric skateboard. That's why you are always recommended to avoid going directly into the water.


Criteria 5. Braking system

This feature is mainly for safety purposes. Actually, regenerative brakes, the most popular choice, allow you to ride longer than normal models. In fact, it works similarly to dynamic brakes. An exception is that  synthetic models can divert energy to a resistor for heat dissipating, and redirecting back to the battery. That is the way how the recharging function works.


Criteria 6. Control and Stability

Wouldn't it be nice to buy an electric skis integrated with quality products and controls? Full and efficient control of your skateboard gives you the best investment experience. It depends on how the individual qualifies. Once again I will mention forum research. Ask people who have used that product and read online reviews for it.


Criteria 7: Connectivity

While you have to be an expert here and it wouldn't be practical to say that a particular electric skateboard is 100% immune to any connection breakdown, whether minor or infrequent. However, you should still focus a lot on the connection issue and check the reviews of the customers who have used the skateboard.


What else you can do is join relevant forums and communities where you'll find real users of the product and post questions about the connectivity of the skateboard you're about to buy. This will help you better evaluate which skateboard offers the best connection or which skateboard has the worst connection.


Again, each person's opinion may differ, and you should make a judgment based on what you think is best for you.


Criteria 8. Warranty period

Don't consider buying an electric skateboard unless it's fully warranted. Skateboarding can be a very risky sport. Of course, your e-board could experience electrical or mechanical damage while you are on it. Likewise, skateboards are often damaged aesthetically or structurally due to repeated or frequent use.


A good warranty protects against both cosmetic problems, as well as mechanical problems. If the warranty for the e-board you're looking for doesn't provide full protection, you might want to look at another brand's product. The shorter the warranty period, the less the company believes in the quality and durability of the skateboard. We recommend looking for e-skateboards with a 1 year minimum warranty.


Criteria 9. Brand

Last but not least, brand is also one of the essential factors you should consider.  When looking at a brand, you should read its history of producing electric skateboards. The aim is to be sure that it is reliable. The brand you're considering can tell you a lot about the skateboard and you can discover if it's a customer's favorite.

Top 3 suggest products

1. Boosted 2nd Generation Dual+

Boosted 2nd generation Dual+ electric skateboard is considered as one of the most attractive skateboards on the market today. If you are an athlete who wants to explore a variety of different skating surfaces then this is really the right choice.


To fulfill this need of skaters, the designers at Boosted manufacturer have equipped this new electric skateboard generation with a belt drive system. This part is perfect for riding on hilly areas.


Besides, the handheld wireless remote allows a variety of ride modes to be carried out. And each mode has different skill levels and driving requirements. It includes both Beginners and Professional modes. The remote is also Bluetooth, enabled if the rider wants to sync it up with his phone.


Not only that, this 2nd generation of Boosted has thick, neon orange wheels. They are made of high quality urethane material, which can be flexible on the road without affecting grip. Overall, these utility features of the Boosted 2nd generation Dual+ will probably be the best electric skateboard for adults.


2. SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard

One of our favourite things about the Skatebolt e-skateboard is that the array of great safety features it's equipped with.. For starters, the deck is made from eight layers of Northeast maple, supporting riders weighing up to 280 pounds. The wider deck and larger wheel axle help to distribute the weight smoothly and evenly, for a solid ride at almost any speed.


The remote has a backlit LCD display for checking speed, battery life and braking mode, along with navigation buttons on the dashboard and engaging cruise control. We also love the two red LED tail lights, which are a great safety feature when going in the dark or more crowded places.


3. Teamgee H5 Electric Skateboard

To be honest, this best electric skateboard for adults looks different from the others. You definitely won't find any other electric skateboards as thin as this one. Teamgee H5's battery is also placed inside the board to maintain its ultra-thin appearance but is still incredibly impressive.


Its decks are layered to ensure optimal look and performance. It has two motors with a total output of 760 watts and achieves speeds of up to 22mph. It weighs about 14.5 pounds. The table itself is quite long. Its wheels are designed to hold firmly, providing safety and stability in difficult situations.


One thing we also love about the Teamgee H5 is its ability to recharge the battery when it goes downhill. This electric skateboard actually pulled it off. There's something about this board that makes it feel very stable. The road is winding, downhill or uphill doesn't matter. You feel calm, focused, and steady at all times.


Moreover, electric skis are usually not the kind of product you want to buy cheaply, but with Teamgee H5 you can really get a great motorized longboard without breaking your budget.


Purchasing the best electric skateboard for adults is the same as buying other items. Buyers will ask countless questions regarding the item they need to do the selection. And of course those questions have been summarized below. You can read carefully to get your wonderings answered.


1. Is Boosted board the best electric skateboard?

The Boosted Dual + is not only the fastest electric skateboard available on the market, but it also is equipped with the latest technology. It is favored for its excellent quality and long service life. Although the board gives you maximum features, the main focus is on top speeds that can't be beat.


2. Can electric skateboards go uphill?

The answer is Yes, the electric skis can go uphill. This is one among the good features about them. Nothing can beat the feeling of flying through a strenuous cyclist so easily. Their slope depends on engine power and acceleration. Most tables will have a specific hill level. The average level that an electric skateboard can climb is around 15 to 20 degrees.


3. How hard is it to ride a Boosted Board?

Most people get the Boosted Board fundamentals in an afternoon or a few hours of driving. If you use it daily, walking on your way to work, on a more crowded and complex road, then skating will take a bit of time depending on the skater's confidence.


4. What motor is used in electric skateboards?

Usually, a microprocessor-controlled motor, such as a hub motor or a belt motor, is used as an electric skateboard motor. This drives the wheels of the skateboard and provides effective control over the speed and direction of the electric skateboard motor.


5. Is safety a bigger issue with electric skateboards than normal skateboards?

If you go downhill over a regular long distance, it will usually be faster and therefore less safe. But you have better brake control over long distances, and sometimes electric brakes can be harsh and of course you will fall. I always recommend to ride with at least one helmet as a minimum.

Final Thoughts

Electric skateboarding is a fun pastime, a great way to travel and a fun to try even if you've never driven a traditional skateboard before. With the variety of e-skateboards available today, it's important to find the best one for you.


Our writing above described highlights features of the top 3 suggested electric skateboards for adults, and things to keep in mind when purchasing one. Besides the above three items, we would like to recommend some other best electric skateboard for adults for your reference.