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Best Electric Skateboard Bags of August 2022

If you want to pick the best electric skateboard bags, Here comes a list of 21 products – designed for you.

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The best electric skateboard bags will depend a lot on the needs and preferences of the consumer. It can be said that not many young people ignore the extreme joy that comes with an electric skateboard. For many people, owning an electric skateboard bag is very good for the commute because it increases the fun of skating before the stressful working day.


This article will give you an insight into each of the highly rated skateboard bags on the market. Buying a new bag for your electric skateboard will have a number of issues that you need to consider. Read our article below to get the right decision.

Buying Guide

You must be aware that regular bags cannot be used to hold electric skateboards. For this reason, electric skateboard bags are made. It is capable of holding heavy skis. It also prevents your back and spine from pain and injury. Here are the key factors you should keep in mind when choosing the best electric skateboard bags:


1. Volume and Weight distribution


Volume is the total capacity that a package can carry. Skateboard bags rarely have only one compartment. Mostly they come in two or more pockets. The total capacity will be listed based on all compartments and bags, not just the main compartment. Expect to see less room in the main compartment than the main capacity mentioned.


The capacity of the electric skateboard bag is very important when purchasing it. It must have more than one compartment. For this purpose, you must see the reviews advertised by the seller. However, you must pay attention to the amount of belongings you carry each day. If you get big bags and things you care about less, then your skis and things don't fit. It will lead to some difficulty riding your skateboard.


In addition, the weight distribution of a backpack is essential because when it comes to the right weight, it can withstand pain. Then you can carry the bag for a longer time. Make sure that when carrying heavy items in your skateboard bag, the weight is well distributed.


2. Appropriate Size


When it comes to the best electric skateboard bags, size is a very important factor to consider when shopping for an ideal item. Skateboard bags come in different sizes and shapes. You should always consider the right size of an item before you buy.


Size depends on your needs. Most skaters carry large bags to hold all their safety gear like helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, etc. and some skaters also bring boards and decks when they prepare for a long ride. The size of the electric skateboard bag matters a lot like when you buy a large skateboard bag, but your skateboard is a mini skateboard so this is not a good choice.


However, you must carry that bag with you for the skateboard to fit properly. If you have a large skateboard, but the bag is small in size, it will eventually strain muscles and cause many spinal problems. When you pack your skis, the bag needs to have the right straps. Another important thing, however, is that your skateboard bag should be light. When you choose a large bag, make sure it's not too heavy.


3. Board Strap


The main question is, why do some of our recommended bags do not have straps for boarding. The answer is - not everyone is looking for a package that can carry their board when they're not on it.


That being said, if you want a package capable of carrying skis, then just consider those that offer this feature. This main feature of a skating bag sets it apart from other bags. A good surfboard strap should be adjustable and sturdy enough to face up to the load of a mean skateboard. While buying bags for your skateboard, be sure to check that they are large enough for you and that they are durable enough to hold your skateboard firmly. Typically, regular skateboard bags have a table strap on the front, but a keyboard bag has a table strap on the back. You must attach the board at the back. Ensures the most durable straps and low height. There are three different types of panel straps, such as elastic straps, velcro straps, and staples.


4. Material & Style


The structural material determines the sturdiness of skateboard backpacks. Therefore, you ought to choose heavy ones. The foremost popular choice is 600D polyester due to its excellent durability, lightweight and affordable price. The material of the rock bottom of the backpack also needs your attention. Find a reinforced or doubly reinforced bottom. Last but not least, check the fabric of the strap and fabric splicing.


This is a crucial thing to think about while choosing the best electric skateboard bags. Nobody wants a backpack that appears terrible. Remember to see the backpack carefully before deciding to bring it.


5. Comfort


The three main characteristics that affect the comfort of your bag are: strap, back cushion and backpack design.


Ask yourself what does one need in your skating backpack when carrying an important load on a hot, sunny day? Obviously, you would like less pain in your back and shoulders and your breathing ability then search for a soft, padded backpack and wide shoulder straps. These features will distribute the load evenly without putting pressure on one side. There also are curvature backpacks that assist you in the foremost natural way.


The back cushion will determine the extent of your back breathing. Consider choosing a mesh or similar. And therefore the skateboard backpack itself must maintain a sleek look and shape to scale back heat build-up between your back and the material. what's essential when buying a backpack is that it should fit and be comfortable. This is often because once you are carrying the backpack for an extended time, the backpack should fit and have adjustable straps with nice cushioning.

Top suggested products

1. Slimfit Mini Backpack


Like most regular skateboard bags, Slimfit Mini Backpack is equipped with a zipper that protects the skateboard and other tools inside the bag. There is a special feature that this product is only fitted to Boosted Mini S and Mini X Boards so it will not be suitable for long boards with Boosted Boards. And furthermore, this makes skateboard manufacturers other than Boosted likely to be inconsistent.


In terms of design, this is a large electric skateboard bag with integrated Slimfit design outside. The bag is divided into three compartments, the middle compartment is 10"x 10"x 3" respectively and the two outer compartments at the tail are designed to fit smaller with charging cords and tiles. Optical, this bag becomes even more eye-catching to shoppers.


Next, the strap on the chest helps disperse the weight of the bag and keep the shoulder strap in place. The straps are compact and can be folded into a special pocket whenever they are not needed. This is really convenient. In addition, Padded, an element that contributes to wear comfort, is distributed on all sides and it fits into your Boosted Board power skateboard protective skateboard bag. In addition, the YKK heavyweight zipper with black paracord traction and dual stitching for durability, and the waterproof outside makes it more reliable to use.



  • Cheap Price
  • Good weight distribution
  • Suitable for many boards
  • Laptop compartment


  • No space for lots of additional stuff


2. Alomejor Skateboard Bag


Many consumers have responded that the Alomejor Electric Skateboards Backpack is a high quality skateboards bag. With its large size, it makes it possible to hold a large size skateboard and some other small items, very handy. This skateboard bag also comes with small inner pockets that give you extra storage space where you can store items like wallets, keys, phones, and more.


In essence, the best electric skateboard bags are made to protect your skateboard. It is designed with a shoulder strap that fits comfortably for a comfortable grip. This protects your skis from getting scratched during travel. The material of the skateBoard backpack is highly water resistant to help protect the skis from rain and moisture. And at the same time, It also helps to protect the contents of the bag easily.



  • High-quality material
  • Small inside pockets with magical tape closure
  • Water-resistant
  • Adjustable straps


  • Flimsy ship


3. Eastsport Multi Compartment Skater Backpack


This bag can be said to be a great choice when you are looking for a fully equipped skateboard bag to meet your needs.


When it comes to design, the good thing about this one of the best electric skateboard bags is that it has many compartments to help you enjoy storing personal belongings like phones, headphones, charging cords. Besides, the bag is also equipped with a pocket cushion. Helps you to keep your treasures, such as laptops and tablets in place. All things are safe and not broken due to these bags.


In short, this board bag is quite a useful bag. Material of this backpack is polyester and it is closed with the support of a high quality zipper. There is also a front zipper and an inner pocket. Comfortable rubber grip for easy grip. Along with that are super padded shoulder straps and sheets with extremely durable polyester construction. Best of all, the Eastsport Backpack comes with a limited lifetime warranty with premium materials.



  • High quality building materials
  • Laptop compartment
  • Suitable for all sizes of electric skateboard


  • The straps do not wrap tightly around the board
  • Sometimes shoulder straps get torn




Of all the sportswear manufacturers, by design, Nike is the market leader. With many years of researching, developing and releasing many product lines, Nike has always maintained its position in the market and its products are the same. Of course, NIKE SB RPM BKPK is no exception, not missing the opportunity to make a mark for itself.


This bag with curved shoulder strap is comfortable for all ages to use. The straps have a curved design that matches the contours around your shoulders and back to provide a great viewing experience, even for hours of use. While front straps are required for all types of electric skateboard bags, SB straps stand out for its strength and durability. They can safely hold a heavy object in place even if you have a high-weight electric skateboard. In addition, the sturdy, sturdy zipper protects the main compartment of the bag. You don't have to worry about losing items as the zipper is about to be removed.


In addition, SB Nike's lifespan is significantly increased compared to some similar items on the market by premium polyester material. This material can both withstand the rigors of everyday use and is also scratch resistant.



  • The straps can hang more than the electric skateboard
  • Outstanding quality
  • Spacious interior space
  • Excellent durability
  • Thoughtful comprehensive layout


  • Relatively expensive


1. Can the skateboard fit in a backpack?

Skateboards are allowed as checked bags and a standard bag policy applies. Skateboards can be replaced for carry-on or check-in bags. If the skateboard fits, it does not need to be in a pocket or covered, but it must be stowed with the wheels so it does not roll.


2. What is the purpose of Velcro after a backpack?

The skateboard backpack comes with a sticker for better support and heavier carrying capacity. Velcro also adds an element of durability to your backpack, making it more resistant than a traditional backpack that lacks Velcro.


3. Why should I buy a backpack with many bags?

Having more bags will increase the amount of belongings you can carry around in your skateboard bag so that when you don't use the backpack for your skateboarding trips, you can use it elsewhere and also use it. It's like a travel bag. Having more bags always gives you more flexibility, and having a few extra bags is not a problem.


4. How do I understand backpack capacity?

When you decide to choose a backpack, make sure that the straps are stitched tightly onto the backpack so that it can carry long boards without damage. Some backpacks can only carry skis up to 22 inches, severely limiting your capabilities. Therefore, it is important to check with the manufacturer for the maximum size of the skateboard you can carry with that backpack to determine if it really suits your needs.

Final Thoughts

In general, there are many electric skateboard bag brands on the market that you can choose from depending on your needs and preferences. Above are the best electric skateboard bags we would like to introduce to you. We hope that with the sharing about the uses and weaknesses of each product, you will enjoy reading my article and hope that it is useful to you! Here are the summary of our recommended products:


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