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Best Electric Longboard Under 500 of June 2022

If you want to pick the best electric longboard under 500, Here comes a list of 26 products – designed for you.

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With the new technology arising of skateboards, we can see how different and more enjoyable commuting has become, especially on short to medium commutes. And now it's even more convenient with the introduction of the electric longboards.


On the market today, there are diverse types of electric longboards with different models and prices. And for only $500, you are expected to get a skateboard you like. Follow our article below to find out what the best electric longboards under $500 suits you.

Buying Guide

When you intend to buy an electric longboard, it's not easy to select one because there are lots of criteria you should consider. It is not only about the price tag, but also other factors such as range, performance, motor, etc. If you yearn for an affordable product under 500$, you should check out all things in this item to make your whole commute experience so much better. So, let's focus on the factors below when you are out shopping for the best electric longboard under 500$.


1. Range

The motor of the electric skateboard runs on a battery. Of course, that battery must be charged, so when you are considering an electric skateboard, you should think about how far your new buddy will take you before you have to charge it for a while.


The thing you are expected to look for is the number of watts on your skateboard. For an electric longboard under 500$, its unit of 400W has a range somewhere between 9 and 12 miles. For an electric unit of 600W, you'll get a ride of 10 to 20 miles before it requires a charge. Remember that the better electric skateboards are, the more extra miles they will be able to go. So, think about your traveling requirements for a single charge to get your better idea about the skatebolt electric you need. Also, don't forget that you have to return home as well, so either factor is to evaluate the distance as well, or find a place to charge your new e-board at the destination.


2. Performance


When it comes to the use of a longboard or a normal skateboard, there are several things to consider in determining an enjoyable experience, especially performance. This criteria can be considered the most important part, because no one would want to go on a longboard if it does not bring the best feelings?


The main things in performance you need to consider are wheels, trucks, and bearings. Smaller wheels tend to accelerate much faster than some larger ones. However, you should not underestimate the larger wheels because they also have advantages. With larger dimensions for running on the road, they reach a higher top speed. Besides, wheel quality plays an important role in making the ride a good one, so remember to check whether your new electric longboard is made of high quality material like polyurethane or not. It is because this material is considered by experts to be quite durable, keeping the stability in the movement of the skateboard.


In addition, trucks and bearings must be of high construction quality. This will ensure your safety when using the skateboard.


3. Remote control


It is very necessary for you to think about the remote control before buying the best electric longboards under $500 and so you should take time to learn how to use it. There are some key features of the remote controller we would like to mention to you. The first thing is that the controller is used to adjust the thrust of the engine. It is pretty easy to use, you can control them by using your thumb, just like utilizing the buttons on a gaming console. Next, some wireless remote controllers are operated with the index finger, which is quite similar to the operation of gun controllers.


So, the only thing we want to point out is monitoring the quality of the controller. If your remote controller materials are made cheaply, you'll have to replace it and it may be more absurdly expensive.


4. Value for Money & Long Warranty


To check the price tags, you are not expected to rely on the fact that the more expensive the battery, the higher its quality is. You need to consider the necessary reviews to find out which skateboard is doing well with the consumer. Don't evaluate the quality of a board by its price. Furthermore, it's worth checking to see if the money you are paying for your electric skateboard that you receive is fully worth it. For the best electric longboards under $500, you can get your own high quality battery as well as the longlife of their accessories.


In terms of warranty, getting a well-warranted brand is always a safe place to buy a nice product. So if you are looking for a pretty safe investment with an electric longboard or any of your equipment. Buy one that offers a good warranty period with a good customer care service.


1. RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard


This electric longboard is powered by a 125-watt electric motor at speeds up to 10 miles per hour for 40 minutes of continuous use. This feature appeals to many young people who are enthusiastic about skateboard speed. Along with a powerful engine is a 29.7 inch deck length and a high quality 5-layer Maple deck that promises a light and responsive ride perfectly for your skateboarding journey.


Besides, similar to other electric skateboards, RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard is also equipped with a wireless remote control with wrist strap, which helps you control the speed of the skateboard safely and conveniently. Next, one of the pretty important parts of the longboard  is the wheels. This electric longboard features urethane wheels designed with high grip and custom reversibility. This provides extra stability for the e-board when you are standing on it to move.



  • Quite cheaper than other electric longboards.
  • Continuous use.


  • No fun print on the longboard.
  • Not suitable for diverse ages.


Overall, this longboard is not the most powerful vehicle in terms of engine, but its design and construction components are relatively stable. If you are looking for a cheap electric longboard then this is a pretty good option for you among the best electric longboards under $500.


2. URBANPRO Electric Longboard


Skateboarding is a sport that helps to improve your health compared to vehicles that use artificial fuels in this polluted environment. And your skateboard performance is even more amazing if you skateboard with the brand new URBANPRO electric longboard. This is considered a line of skateboards marking a beautiful point of URBANPRO.


Equipped with a 400W torque motor, this e-skateboard can help you easily climb hills at speeds of about 20 miles per hour. Moreover, this longboard also provides 3 different speed modes, so you can move around the city when needed, not just climbing hills. In order to be included in our list of the best electric longboards under $500, this e-board must have some outstanding features over other products.


Firstly, it has a solid floor surface made of 11 layers of hardwood and fiberglass. Hence, it is rated by many users as a very sturdy and durable skateboard to go for long periods of time. Second is the multifunctional remote control with smart design, which makes controlling the skateboard more easy and comfortable. In addition, PU tires are highly elastic, ensuring smooth and firm grip. Here are some of its pros and cons:



  • Pretty stylish in outlook.
  • Great performance with safety.
  • Solid deck.


  • High priced product.


In general, URBANPRO Electric Longboard compared to other conventional electric skateboards there are many outstanding advantages. Of course it will cost more than other models in the market. Hence it will provide you with facilities for your easy and enjoyable moving service.


3. Kyng Electric Skateboard


Kyng is well known for being a reliable brand with high quality sports products. Kyng Electric longboard is one of their very popular product lines in the world sports market. This skateboard has high quality raw materials that are used to meet your skating performance. It has a large battery which takes only 2 hours to fully charge. Coupled with this skateboard is a nose guard, additional gear and red led lights.


When it comes to Kyng skateboards, we cannot ignore its outstanding features. Typically, the board surface is made from 10 layers of high hardness Canadian wood. And the sphere is covered with a layer of fiberglass. In terms of engine, it is equipped with a 480W hub motor that gives you incredible speed. Another noteworthy thing about this electric longboard is the remote control. This wireless controller has an LCD screen, which is very different from other electric skateboards.



  • Used for a long time.
  • Smooth and safe riding.
  • Available for any age level.


  • Little bit heavier than the other one.

Overall, this is an excellent  electric skateboard for trial. Its pricing is also perfect for the high quality part and specs that come with it.  The battery, remote control, and good braking system promise to give you a great value for addressing their transportation needs.


1. How fast do electric longboards go?

Most electric longboards run at an average speed of 10 to18 miles per hour. High-end models can reach top speeds in excess of 25 mph, although all performance metrics may be affected by rider weight, condition of surface and the longboards, battery charge level, etc.


2. Do electric longboards have brakes?

The answer is yes, the electric longboard  has brakes. Nearly all models are equipped with remote controls that allow the rider to accelerate, decelerate and stop by trigger, slider or dial. Some of the more innovative models incorporate somatosensory technology to use changes in body weight to control these functions. Premium models even offer regenerative braking, allowing you to use a slight brake when going downhill to recharge the battery. This can greatly expand your maximum.


3. How far can electric longboards go?

Modern electric longboards can ride 12-20 miles before needing a recharge. Some of the more premium models make claims that they can reach longer distances, but it is important to verify those claims by testing reviews before making a buying decision. With top speed, range can be significantly reduced by anything that increases drag, such as the rider's weight, going against the wind or going uphill, which ranges under the right conditions.


4. Are electric longboards worth it?

It can be said that the electronic boards are worth it if you intend to use them for commuting, excursions or general transportation. To get the most out of a long electric table, you'll probably want to be under 200 lbs. and have plenty of flat, paved surfaces to ride in the longboard surface.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, electric longboards are an eco-friendly, cost-effective way to work or explore the world around you instead of normal means of transportation. Whether it's for adults, teenagers or kids, there are dozens of options to suit your needs.


It can be difficult to categorize options and try to decide which qualities to prioritize and which ones to compromise. Nevertheless, with so many high-quality options for the electric longboard we mentioned above, you won't need to worry about that.


Above we have presented to you the things you need to consider carefully before deciding to buy the best electric longboards under $500. Also, we have already suggested you some of the most popular models on the market namely RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard, URBANPRO Electric Longboard, and Kyng Electric longboard. Here are related products that you can refer to: